Dear Readers!

Almost four years back I got the first love letter of my life. It was unbelievable, because, You know, I was like one of the 'nerds' in my class. I was really shy, I hardly ever spoke to one of my classmates, and nobody was interested in me. And than I got a cute letter from a cute, friendly and really humorous boy.

I have always believed that somewhere exists a man for me, with whom I will live happy ever after. And guess what? Now I am engaged.

I was happy on that day. Truly happy.


Then I got critism from everywhere. My family, my friends, my familiars told me that my boyfriend and I are not normal. They asked me why did we do that in so a young age? They told me that I will change and he will change and he will cheat on me, and I will be broken.
And so my best day turned out as my worse day in my life.

Of course I got also gratulations and true happiness from some of my friends, and also from my sisters, but these negative attitudes broke me down.
I know that they are just worried about my future, about my life, but if I cannot be happy after my engagement, when should I be happy?
After marriage, the husband can cheat on you, after the birth of your child, your son and daughter can leave you alone in this world. Anytime anything can happen. Then... maybe we should never be happy...
If that were so, our life would be pointless.

Most élsz, most örülj, hogy szép a nyár,
most örülj, hogy van ki vár, és a két karjába zár.

You are living now, be happy for the summer is beautiful,
and that you have somebody who's waiting for you and embraces you.

(Máté Péter: Most élsz/ You are living now)

Have courage to live! Have courage to feel happiness!