OK, so...
I'll tell you a little piece of what's going on in the life of just another girl.
This could mean something to you, or it could be just a quick read.
This could be everything to you.
Or it could be nothing compared to what has happened to you.
Anyways, I'd like to share...

What's happening?
We are surrounded of terrible events, and terrible people.
The world is collapsing.
MY world has already collapsed.

The cause?

My year started with such an optimistic point of view...
THIS was going to be my year.
I got in a relationship with my best friend, and it was perfect - until it wasn't.
Suuuch a long story.

But lamely, our breakup was the trigger to what came next...
The huge disappointment of myself that landed on me.
How could I be so sad and hurt over a boy?
How could I broke all of my rules for someone else?
How could I blame myself for everything?

I'm not the romantic type.
I wasn't even looking for someone.
But I opened my doors to watch how a thief robbed everything in me and left.
I cried until I was dry. And then I was numb.

After that awful breakup, I started doubting everything.
Who was I?
What did I want?
Did I like the way my life was going?
Did I like what it was holding?

I didn't know anymore.

So I started looking for myself.

In the journey I felt so alone. And I wanted it that way.
I encountered so many obstacles.
Problems that went way out of my hands, and still are.
Abusive people.
Uninterested people.
People who hurt me deeply, both intentionally and unintentionally.

But now...
I'm grateful to all those motherfuckers for raising who I am, enhancing how strong I am and making me realize that I'm my everything and that it all depends on me. But most importantly: WHO I WANT TO BE.
And now I know exactly who that person is.

I want to become the best version of me, and overcome myself everyday.
I really want to help to upgrade this world we're living on. Step by step.

And now I understand that I had to go through all of that to become me.
After all the shit I've been through I'm invencible.
I can't be hurt again because I've faced my worst fears.

And even though I've always known I don't need anyone to be by my side, this was a reminder that loving and caring for myself is way better. BUT that doesn't mean I'm alone.

And neither are you. Believe in that.

You don't know me, and I don't know you. But maybe you can identify with something I said. We all live different things just as we live the same.

Maybe you think that what you're going through doesn't need the attention of somebody else, or maybe even think it's stupid to feel sad about it. But we all have our battles and they're all important because something is born from there EACH TIME. Don't underestimate that. Everything has a reason.

Please find yourself and be proud of who you are.
Don't EVER let anyone tear you down.
You can overcome everything.
You are your own happiness.
And remember that there's always someone that cares.

It may sound fake, but it isn't.
I'm proof of that.
And I'm not fake lol.

If you need anything, here I am.

-K. Stokrotka.