I know sometimes you feel lost. Sometimes you just want to be in your own world, your safe zone. You just want the comfort. You don't want to take the risk. You doubt yourself. You let your inferiorities dominate your mind and tell yourself that you can't be this and that because you are just you. You choose to hide. You choose to be less. But you need to realize that no one has the power to uplift you and bring you down but yourself. Don't be afraid to fail because you will able to learn how to have strength and try again. Don't be afraid to make mistakes it can make you learn and improve. Take the risk to challenge yourself. Get out of your comfort and experience things. You need to realize that when you know yourself, when you believe in yourself, when you know your strength and weaknesses, you will know what you want or maybe sometimes you already know what it is you just don't believe in yourself so you're starting to get lost. You need to realize that nothing good will come out of self-doubt. Don't miss opportunities because you don't believe in yourself. You have talents and skills and words that the world has yet to see. You have something that others don't have. You have your own story that you're meant to tell to share. Just believe in yourself, trust yourself and don't rely on anyone else to believe for you. You make your own future. You decide of who you will be. You walk on your own path. If you fail, keep trying and keep believing because it is for yourself.

- No one saves you