In case you don't know who twenty one pilots is, they are a band, you'd probably recognize them from their song Stressed Out or Heathens.

I've only been a fan of them since Stressed Out came out, call me a fake fan if you want but I listened to their old songs and Truce has to be my favourite one.
I was suicidal once, I literally hated everything and myself I was just sad 24/7. I feel like I had no purpose to live anymore. But listening to stressed out, I became so interested them, so I decided to listen to their entire album blurryface, I liked it, my favourite song was Goner and Tear In My Heart. Knowing Tyler Joseph (a member of top) was suicidal once, made me realize that if you keep living, you can achieve something great in life later on. You just have to believe in yourself. And they helped me find friends too, I was alone all the time even though I had friends I just feel like they weren't my actual friends, but once I sat with a girl in my class, I had their symbol on my notebook (|-/) and she asked me if I was a fan of them and ever since we became best friends and I felt happy for the first time. Every time I was angry and very sad, I would just listen to Truce to calm me down, there is something about Tyler's voice that's so soothing and calming.
My favourite line from Truce is;

Stay Alive, for me

And that line has been with me ever since, I'm alive, thanks to twenty one pilots.

In my opinion, if you're a fan of Halsey, Melanie Martinez or P!ATD I think you'd love twenty one pilots too.

  • Truce
  • Ruby
  • Kitchen Sink
  • Anathema
  • Goner
  • Car Radio
  • Migraine
  • House Of Gold
  • Not Today
  • Tear In my Heart
  • Holding On To You
  • Guns For Hands
I have a collection of their pictures too, make sure you check it out. ♥

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