Back to school!

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Hi everyone.

So what, are you looking forward to back to school?
The holidays are slowly ending, just a few days and the will be school again. I must proudly say that I am looking forward to school. I'm looking forward to school, especially to my classmates (friends) and teachers. I'm looking forward to study, I like to learn and I like to learn new things. Um ... I'm probably a nerd, well and what! I also like to learn and explore new, unknowable and mysterious things. I am very grateful for the second chance and for studying. Yes, I am happy and grateful for studying. I am happy and grateful that I can study. Now in September it will be four years since I had to change school due to illness. It is sometimes the case that the fate with you makes a real difference and throws you sticks under your feet. It's a so-called vicious circle. People can not get out of the vicious circle, but I did. I did it! I had to leave the school, because of illness and the bullying from my classmates and some teachers! Simply, if you do not hold your mouth and their step, you are unpopular and bullying. I have always liked school. I enjoyed learning. Suddenly something happened in our family, I started to be sick, etc. It's on the shit. But more information in another article on bullying. I go to the school by bus, but I have great friends and teachers there, they're all very friendly, nice and selfless. I like it very much. It's a super school, super people, a super new experiences in life! The new, unknown environment and commuting are great benefits and experience for me! I am very grateful for everything! As the saying goes, bad experience is also an experience! So, already you know why I'm looking forward to school so much!

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What's your favorite subject?
I like all the subjects, but I prefer psychology, law, mathematics and German!

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I will be glad when you write to me, how much you look forward to school and what you are studying, how you enjoy it?

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„Share your knowledge. It's a way to achieve immortality.“ - Dalai Lama

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With love
Your Sonnebern