If you are a very outgoing person you will most probably have a really big group of friends. And if you are not so social then you will most probably have a smaller group of friends. However, does a big group of people mean that you actually have more friends? I don’t think so. We all need friends and we all need to be around people. Humans are social creatures and we do not like loneliness. Being around other people is what makes us happy. So if you are not happy when you are around people, you most definitely hang out with the wrong group of people.

I have had various groups of friends growing up. Everyone was super nice and I do not have anything bad to say about anyone that I was once friends with. The problem was that back then, I never felt like I could fit in. I always knew there was something that just didn’t feel right but I thought maybe that’s what friendships were like. And they just couldn’t get any better. That was until I made some real friends and I realised that THIS is how friendships should really be like!

I was lucky enough to meet My Person (Grey’s Anatomy reference ;) ) under the perfect circumstances. My best friend Christiana is my person (if you know me then you most definitely know or have heard about her as well) and even though I actually knew her from the age of 9 we only started hanging out around the age of 12. My best friend and I went to different schools and had no mutual friends so we didn’t have big groups of friends to hang out with. I had my friends, she had hers, and then we had each other. And it was perfect!!

Going to a different school than her gave me the opportunity to study people and learn so much about friendships and I will explain what I mean by that. I had my best friend and I knew what friendships should really be/feel like. So when I was hanging out with other people, I started realising how much I didn’t enjoy their company. Not that they were bad people or anything like that. It was just that their interests had nothing to do with mine. We had almost nothing in common and the things they did for fun sounded very boring to me. And at that point in my life I had to decide if I wanted to be a part of a group that I did not fit in or if I wanted to just be by myself. No one asked me this question and no one was waiting for an answer. It was all about me and finding myself. I wanted to know I could stand on my own and that I did not need to be around other people to feel confident. At the end of the day I was who I was and I wanted to be proud of that! I made the decision that whenever I was to hang out with people it would be because I absolutely loved their company. And never because I felt insecure being on my own.

My advice to anyone out there reading this post is, make sure that you can stand on your own. Don’t follow a group just because you are afraid of being alone. Being on your own is actually really cathartic sometimes. If you have some super close friends, make sure you can also do things without them and that you are indented. Don’t ever feel like you have to follow any rules. If you are super loud and outgoing and like to hang out with 10 different groups of friends, go ahead and do it and enjoy it!! And if you are a more quiet and self-reserved person who likes to eat lunch alone then go ahead and do that! Do whatever makes your soul happy and it is never too late to meet new people and make friendships. Remember that if you never try you will never now so go out there and start experimenting until you find the right people for you. And trust me when you do find those people, YOU WILL KNOW. :)

This is the first post of this kind that I put on the blog but I really hope that you guys enjoy it. I believe that we all experience the same situations in completely different ways and sometimes someone else’s point of view can make us see things from a completely different perspective. I hope you found this post helpful or perhaps a little interesting. I hope you all have an amazing day and feel free to leave a comment bellow with your opinion/experience. Thank you for reading this post!