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This is my list of the most beautiful cities and places I want to visit one day.This is just my opinion about this topic. :)

1. Venice, Italy
• Venice is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities on the planet. There are already plenty of reasons why you might want to visit.I really love Venice and everything about this city.

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2 . New York

With so much to see and do in New York, there's little chance of boredom: in fact, it's impossible to experience everything New York has to offer in one visit.
I'm in love with this place. I hope one day I'll have a chance to go and visit absolutely everything ♥

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3 . London, U.K.

And here is my favourite city ever. I'm in love with rain and weather here and it's beautiful.London is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, with history and models of modernity:)

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4 . Paris, France

Paris is perfect city. But really, is there a city more dramatic than Paris? It's a place where romance and history play side by side,with beautiful people and lifestyle♥

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5 . St. Petersburg, Russia
The city is enjoying the status of a tourism hot spot. This is number one Russian destination both for foreigners and for Russians. I love it.♥

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6 . Barcelona, Spain

My favourite football club is Barcelona so I'm in love with the city too.

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7 . San Francisco, California
San Francisco is the fourth most populous city in California.San Francisco always comes up near the top. It is a city filled with culture, with art, with incredible food, views, well known landmarks and lots of friendly Californians.

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8 . Budapest, Hungary

With a rich history, beautiful skyline and awesome nightlife, Budapest is a great destination to suit all travel tastes.Budapest is never a bad idea.

Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Inspiring Image on We Heart It

There are more, but I will also do the other part ♥
I hope you like this.
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