my last music article did pretty well so i decided to do another one. this is basically just a playlist that i've been listening to of some of my favorite songs. some are korean/chinese and some are english.

scars to your beautiful//alessia cara
outlaws//alessia cara
here//alessia cara
seventeen//alessia cara
amnesia//5 seconds of summer
airplanes//5 seconds of summer
vapor//5 seconds of summer
migraine//twenty one pilots
baby, it's fact//hellogoodbye
youth//troye sivan
wild//troye sivan
the fault in our stars//troye sivan
happy little pill//troye sivan
johnny boy//twenty one pilots
the pantaloon//twenty one pilots
treat you better//shawn mendes
suburbia//troye sivan
very nice//seventeen
spring day//bts
the 7th sense//nct u
limitless//nct 127
ice cream cake//red velvet
russian roulette//red velvet
chained up//vixx
skin to skin//luhan (despite coming from a chinese artist, this song is completely in english)
catch me when i fall//luhan
beautiful//monsta x
all in//monsta x
you were beautiful//day6
make me love you//taeyeon
once again//nct 127
my first and last//nct dream
paradise//nct 127
switch//nct 127
she's a baby//zico
i am you, you are me//zico
flower (you)//vav
she is//jonghyun
beautiful liar//vixx lr
from the dining table//harry styles
sweet creature//harry styles
sign of the times//harry styles
meet me in the hallway//harry styles
never ever//got7
my i//seventeen
if i//seventeen
running 2 u//nct 127
0 mile//nct 127
twenty four//exo
ko ko bop//exo
love me love me//winner
my page//nct dream
la la love//nct dream
love//lana del rey
video games//lana del rey
mad all the time//waterparks
stupid for you//waterparks
i was hiding under your porch because i love you//waterparks
i'm a natural blue//waterparks
look at what you made me do//taylor swift
really really//winner
chocolatier//vixx lr
two ghosts//harry styles
hola hola//kard
don't recall - hidden version//kard (again, despite coming from a korean group, the song is completely in english)
pretty boy//taemin ft. kai (exo)
toy//block b

as you can tell, i really like music. until next time.