I think everybody should have some good basics in his wadrobe, because only with them you can create a cool and stylish outfit, and that´s not only meant for clothes it´s also important that you have got some basic jewellery. In this short post i want you to show some inspiration. I hope you´ll like :)

So first i´ll start with the basic clothes...

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In my opinion, basic skirts like this are very beautifull, for example you get them from zalando (https://www.zalando.de/yas-yasromain-minirock-black-y0121b00v-q11.html)

Also you should get the perfect blue jeans for you...

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for example zara and hollister have very nice ones.

Then you need some basic shirts like this...

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you get some like this everywhere.

so and now i`ll come to the jewellery inspiration which i think every girl should get :) ...

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Inspiring Image on We Heart It
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beautifull jewellery you can get for example from accessorize but also in normaly clothes shops like h&m or something like that, but i think in shops like this you´re going to buy twice so better don´t buy there :)...

so i hope you liked this post and now i will also link a basic collection which i made for you, would be great if you take a look in it :)