I didn't know too much about the Ice Cream Museum. I heard about it from its successful run in New York. Naturally, I was curious. Early on, my friends and I bought tickets for the museum when it came to LA. This was before everyone and their mom was posting about it; and, tickets starting selling for 3xs their value. The Ice Cream Museum became a thing. And, it became that thing quickly. 100% thanks to social media.

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I can only assume that we will be seeing more and more spaces and places built around the idea of a good instagram. What I mean is that everything in this museum is carefully thought out with backdrops and unique experiences... not cultural experiences but photographic ones. I had never seen anything like this before in my life. The entire concept here really isn't about ice cream. It is a museum of selfies and instagrams. And, hey, to be honest, that's pretty smart marketing. It worked. And, the museum went viral in a sense on instagram.

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If you were on social media at all at the early part of this summer, then I'm sure you have already seen thousands of images of the above sprinkles pool. As we turned the corner to enter this room, I was truly blown away by what I was seeing. In the pool, people were fully submerged and swimming in the sprinkles. And, those that weren't were holding large cameras and taking photographs.

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Basically, there were several photoshoots happening. Instagram photoshoots I assume. Our turn came, and my friends and I got in ankle deep, laughed a lot, and then went on our way. Photoshoot free. We were just there for the good times and the fun experience. Just a quick helpful note: those "sprinkles" do get EVERYWHERE and you have to take your shoes off, so maybe don't wear tennis shoes.

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My favorite part of the afternoon, as always, was not the inta-shoots, but rather the food!!! I'm fairly certain no one else posted on instagram a photo of a half eaten ice cream and strawberry pancake sandwich. But, I did, because, in my opinion, that was super freaking interesting. In nearly every room, a different type of ice cream or candy was offered.

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None of the food changed my life completely, but it was a fun additive to the entire experience. Go for it! Try everything. There is no such thing as too much sugar! Plus, walking through the Ice Cream Museum counts as cardio, right?!

Oh! And, bring some water to wash it all down. They do sell water bottles at the end of the tour, but I recommend bringing your own if you can. Another tip: Make friends with the workers (which is super easy to do seeing as how everyone was so much fun). They give out seconds. Not that I know this from personally experience, of course. I'm just speaking for a friend. ;)

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Secondly, the pop modern sculptures and unique art work were really fun to see. I had never walked through hanging bananas before or seen ice cream sculptures. It certainly is not a high-end art museum type experience, but it is fun, colorful, and lively. All in all, the Ice Cream Museum is completely different to anything I have experienced before. And, as always, going with good people always makes any experience better.

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The friends that I went with were seriously hilarious which made our hour and a half walking through the museum completely worth it. All in all it is a unique way to spend the afternoon. And, for what it is, it is really well done. If you have scored tickets, then grab your besties and a camera and knock yourself out. You will have a blast.