// Note: I am not a native English speaker so I'll probably make a lot of mistakes in my writing and language. Sorry about that! //

What is this article about?

We all know that when the fall time comes it's not just about the colors, cozy clothes, comfiness, candles, hot drinks and things like that. It's also the time when schools start and it's pretty hectic. So to make your fall better I will help you prepare a day that is all about fall.

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What to do first?

Start planning your day with some friends. Choose friends you really wanna hang out with and who really love the fall the same way that you do.

Choose a day that is on some weekend - that way you'll have the whole day to spend.

Choose that time of the year when it's really orange, brown and red (unless you live somewhere where that's not possible). That way you already have the fall atmosphere.

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"Fall is my favorite color."
  • Decide with your friends how much money do you want to spend for food because you'll have to cook and bake (and probably buy some decorative things, if you don't already have them).

Place to hang out

It can be anywhere - in woods, in a park or in your (or one of your friend's) backyard.

This is optional, but I really recommend hanging out outside because that's kind of what this is about.

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"Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale."
- Lauren DeStefano

What to wear?

It's sweater weather time so it's all about sweaters and cardigans. Wear something big and comfy.

Wear something that has the colors of the fall like brown, orange, yellow, red and wine red, off-white, black, grey and colors like that.

Wear scarves and boots. If you're going to wear a skirt or a dress, add some knee socks - that'll give you the fall look!

Remember to keep yourself warm 'cause baby it's cold outside.
(Although this also depends on where do you live, but here in Finland it's cold.)

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How to decorate

You already guessed this, but candles are must. Have a lot of them to set up the atmosphere.

Have some string lights if it's possible to plug them somewhere. The lights are really nice, especially in the evening.

You don't need much to decorate - nature will do it for you!
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How to make yourself comfortable

Take some pillows and blankets with you. You'll stay warm and cozy.

Set up a fire if you can. Just remember to be careful and watch where you're going to set up the fire to. You don't want it to spread and cause a huge damage.
If you are going to set up a fire, remember to take some marshmallows with you!

Take a speaker with you - that way you can listen to good music. Listen to something calming. You should search for songs that remind you of fall.
If you think that searching for new music is too much trouble, you might want to try this playlist on Spotify called Autumn Leaves.

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What to eat and drink?

Fall is about hot drinks, so prepare something you really like, like tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

You should bake something yummy, like for an example, a pie. It can be an apple pie, pumpkin pie or whatever your heart desires. You can easily search for recipes on the internet and if you want to make spesifically fall based food just write fall recipes and you'll find what you want.

Here is a Samoa pie recipe that you might wanna try:


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And the start is done

Now you can add whatever you want in your day. Use your imagination and let your mind run wild.
Have some good time with your friends eating and talking. You'll make the day for yourselves.

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Great things take time
Hello, fall.

~ Vanessa