Hi babes,

I would like to tell you guys a story.

A few weeks back I had never expected me to feel as good as I do now. I'll start at the beginning. My year started with two major setbacks in my family. I honestly do not talk much about it but now I write it up, the painful feelings come back. The only thing that made me happy again at that time was a boy. Yes, you're already expecting what happened. In a few months he has let me down. I honestly do not know why. He just stopped talking. At that time, I became very insecure about myself, trying to find out what the problem was with myself all the while. Then he tried to be with my best friends what I never expected from him. But okay I realized that he's just just a mess and I do not need a boy that makes me happy at my age. Then it began. After all negativity, I tried to improve my life. I've taken away from anyone who makes me unhappy or stressed. I have decided to do everything I want to achieve. I'm doing well at school and I avoid all social media and people who bring me negativity.

I wanted to share this story with you because weheartit has also been a kind of "therapy" for me. And I think it's so beautiful that girls support each other here.
I know that everybody struggles with something, and how positive you stay there will always be trials on your way. Therefore I would like to thank God for, after all, I have discovered that he is the only one who has led me so far.

Stay lowkey and believe in your dreams girls ❤️