Hey my dear followers I've decided to write this article about my life and really personal emotions and the things I do and go through.

My name is Nicole I'm 18 years old and in this first article i'm going to talk about my grandfather's death. I really loved my grandfather with my heart so much but he had his health conditions and stuff he was the one who always made me breakfast in the mornings, picked me after school we even watched wresling together on the weeknd and other nice stuff. But one day he woke up feeling really bad and sick I really got very worry about him everyone in home did but he always kept quite about it he didn't want to tell anyone from the family that he was sick and feeling very bad he did it cause like I said he had a lot of health conditions so he didn't wanted to go the hospital till one day everyone found out and so we took him to the hospital and suddently he got worst. We all in the family got very sad especially me we knew he wasn't going to make it one morning I woke up and my mom told me the news that my grandfather passed away I of course I was shocked I didn't even cried at that moment when my mom told me the news. The day of the funeral came and dear god when I saw my grandfather on that coffin I started to cry a lot I got very bad that I had to leave the funeral i miss my grandfather a lot i wish i had him with me and with the whole family right now but i know he is protecting me from above and at this point of my life i still cry his death.