My best friend slept with a guy that I´ve had a crush on for years. It was a friend of my brother so I never thought I would have a chance on him, even though I wanted to.
It broke my heart and from that moment I knew I had lost my BFF forever.
I knew I would never forgive her for what she have done, even though I pretended for a while I never got used to it.

Now that I have stopped pretending because I finally thought whatever thing that was between them was over, I am hurting again.
Now that I thought it was over and my chance would come, and it did, for a second i thought he finally would be mine. But then again, I was once again wrong about both him and her.
Apparently I am not the only one he talks to
Apparently I am not the only one he want to meet or give compliments to.
Apparently they are still talking, even though it is not much.
Apparently everything he said or ever will say to me is a lie.
And once again, I am the one hurting all over again.

I feel stupid for even thinking it would be different with me than it was with my best friend. I feel stupid for falling for the same act as he acted against her. But most of all, i feel stupid for falling for him. I fell so hard that I do not know how to recover this time.