not new discoveries. just a little overview. fancy, cheap and useful.

a plain blanket, an unremarkable painting in the corner. it is how it is. the more items a room gets, the more personal it becomes. it can change the whole atmosphere of a room.
even the tiniest object can make a huge difference and reflect your own personality.
this is why you have to choose very cautiously. because if we choose right, we will feel home.

palette bed

bed, room, and bedroom image
interior, bed, and room image

one good thing: you won’t fall out of bed very high

something between couch & bed

home and white image

why not? if there is not much space, this is the perfect idea.

palette couch

room, home, and interior image

box storage

boxes, H&M, and home image

put in whatever you want to.

cup shelf

coffee, drink, and food image

perfect for cups, mugs and plates. you can fix it on the wall.

shoe shelf

room image

noone will ever see the dirt.

shoes and diy image

give them a little bit of colour and and hang them up.

book shelf

interior, magazine, and home image
diy image

according to your space, you can


kitchen, home, and house image

fruit crate

lemon and fruit image

or leave it as a fruit crate. put your freshest fruits or vegetables in it.

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