☆ If you have a Pear Body, you have these:

• Narrow Shoulders
• Wide Hips
• Well-Defined Waist
• Full Thighs
• Lower Body is Wider than Upper Body

♡ The Goal ♡

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• Enhance your Waist and Arms
• Add Volume to your Shoulders and Upper Body

What to Wear?:

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• Boat, Cowl, Ruffled, and V or U Necklines
• Light-Colored Tops
• Dark-Colored Bottoms
• High Waisted Pants/Skirts
• A-Line Dresses/Skirts
• Billowing Sleeves for Tops/Dresses
• Straight Leg Jeans/Pants
• Statement Necklace
• Patterned Scarves
• Shoulder Bags
• Jackets that Hit Above the Waist

❌ Keep Away From ❌

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• Baggy Tops/Tunics
• Patterns and Embellishment Details on Hips/Thighs
• Pencil, Fishtail, and Tight Tube Skirts
• Low-Waisted Skinny Jeans
• Low-Slung Belts
• Bias Cut Dresses/Skirts

I really hope this helps! 👍🏼