Hi everyone reading this,
Yesterday I published an article called "WHI TIPS" and today I decided to do something more anime-like!!!
If you have read my first article you probably remember that Hunter x Hunter is one of my favourite anime of all times,along with several others.However,I believe that it is only natural that there are some characters I loved a little bit more than others.
So,without any further delay,I present you my top 10 Hunter x Hunter characters!!!!


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Believe it or not,if there is one guy I remember from the Phantom Troupe,except Hisoka and Lucifer,it is Feitan.Well,he is not a character that plays big of a role in the anime(and to be honest I hadn't really noticed him until the Chimera Ant Arc when he fought a Chimera Ant) but I liked his style of fighting and him in general,and I think that he desrves a place in my list!!


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Oh my,if I simply liked Feitan's style,I absolutely fell in love with Kaito's!!In anime where battles take place,I prefer characters that have agility and weapons like Kaito.Plus,his hair is f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s!!I do not know about you guys but I was really sad when I saw his head in Neferpitou's hands and upset when he turned into a puppet.Fortunately for us,we got to see him again in the end but in a different body.Anyway,as a whole he is an awesome character and would like to see him more!!


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He was one of the best old men in anime!!Quite the funny type who was way stronger than you expect.While he did not get to participate much,his fight versus Meruem definitely worth it,plus his saying "If there is hell,I will see you there"(to Meruem).


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To be honest,I would like Gon to be a little bit more serious but it is kinda relaxing to see a happy-go-lucky character in the anime.Plus,it would be boring if he had a identical personality with Killua and that's why the latter was able to change.Gon is the light of Hunter x Hunter and generally of anime because he never failed to make me laugh and,of course,cry...


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Leorio might not be one of the strongest characters in the anime but he was the one that made me laugh the most.Furtermore,I believe that Leorio's motive to be a hunter was the most realistic out of the 4,followed by Kurapika's.Leorio as a whole is one of the most human characters in Hunter x Hunter,and therefore easy for someone to relate to, and his presence at the election is something I will not forget.Oh,and his loud voice.


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Lucifer is one of the hottest characters in Hunter x Hunter,if you ask me,especially with his hair in his face.He is smart and quite the strategist,something I recognize in a character.Plus,for his strength to compete that of the Zoldyck household,this means that he is quite the fighter.Last but not least,the reason I loved him even more,is that his voice actor is one of my favourites-Mamoru Miyano!


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While I was not very fond of Kurapika in the beginning I did aknowledge his motive behind his participation in the Hunter Exam.He won me,though,during the Phantom Troupe Arc especially when he fought against Uvogin because he proved to me that he is not only brains.Sure,brains play an important role but how you fight is also a factor and Kurapika has both.Down to earth and a bit shy but relentless when it comes,Kurapika is sure one of the best characters in anime.


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Pakunoda is one of the most loyal characters in anime I have ever seen.I mean,she chose to die for the Phantom Troupe.She was a woman who knew very well to hide her feelings and always remained serious and calm.That did not mean that she was emotionless though.Also,her way with guns was awesome plus her nen ability.And let's not forget the nose...


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Killua may be the one and only assassin I respect.While his job requires him to be cold,ruthless,quick and smart,he is nothing more than a child with emotions.I liked cold Killua but a Killua that is able to open up a bit and smile more is something I like even more.That's why he is in this place,after all.Needless to say his fighting style is my favourite in the Hunter x Hunter series.And damn it this kid is going to grow up well...


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Okay,Hisoka might me the trashiest trash in Hunter x Hunter but damn it I can't hepl but adore him.Where do I begin?His beauty?His fighting style?His body?His unique character?Where?Honestly,Hisoka gave me the best time in Hunter x Hunter because he is just so...beautiful.A masterpiece I would say...

Thanks for reading minna-san!!!!