Growing up, I've always had the aim, the purpose to become something important, someone who had the power to change the world, at least my world. So I wanted to be a doctor, a surgeon, one that saves people lives, but really? Just a doctor, no, I wanted to be where people die every single day because no one is near enough to care, I wanted to be part of the UNICEF, or Save The Children, a war doctor maybe.

But then I grew up, I graduated from high school and I suddenly realized that all that sorrounds us is fake, even life seems so fake if you look at it closely, what we do every day, the things we tell each other, I want to say those things out loud, I want people to know that the world is not a happy place made of things we can accomplish whenever we want to. So I made up my mind and I decided to be a journalist, I want to tell stories about people that suffer, people that need a voice. And if doing it, means putting my life at risk, well for telling the truth, dying is always an option, even for a silly girl from southern Italy, where the only thing you can find is the rule of silence.