You could see her rushing to get under that window with a newspaper covering her hair. Clothes all wet and her boots full of water. She stood there, under that window for hours. The rain wouldn't stop.

The street emptied in no time. She was alone with the sound of pounding drops. It's crazy how when you're all alone, your hearing gets more intense. Every little sound, feels like a little explosion inside your head, which you turn immediately searching for the cause of the sound.

For a second, she wished she was a little girl and her mom would just take her out of there or even if she couldn't, she would sing her a song. A car passed by. She started mumbling a song that she remembered from a long time ago.

The rain wasn't going to stop any time soon. She had to leave. She had t walk. She had to get wet. Then at an instant, like she wasn't her self anymore, like this was the small - great thing that would make her realize, she walked. No newspaper. No covering her head, her clothes nor her shoes.

It was time to let go. It was time to dear.
-the defining moments are not always as huge as we expect them to be. Be aware, you might be having one right now or just a little later-

thank you so much for reading. It means so much to me.
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