life is short. time is precious. we are the protagonists of our lives. let’s do something out of it.

working at a café

coffee, cafe, and food image

i always loved the ambiance there. the comfortable music in the backround. people, who study, work intently. Quiet, and sometimes not so quiet conversations between friends and family.

donate blood

funny, blood, and quotes image

because i’m lucky, but still not brave enough.

learn how to cook

food, pasta, and delicious image

essential for survival.

attend a masquerade ball

mask, black, and masquerade image

could be magical.

chill on the roof

roof, bed, and city image

and enjoy the view and the wind. reflect a bit.

learn sign language

art, sign language, and artsy image

a must for me.

road trip

friends, car, and summer image

don’t mind whereto. it just have to be the right mates.

go skiing

adventure, norway, and sun image

i can imagine it. cold fingers, cold feet, but an amazing view and an amzing feeling.

see the northern lights

stars image

beauty of nature. magical.

xx inside_outside