Can't you see it?
They speak of a certain atmosphere in the air
They speak of a certain feeling, impossible to compare
And all I hear is "where?"

Can't you see it?
The happiness pouring out of my heart?
The tears of joy as I wake up to the first morning of white streets?
I write it all out, you know, my love for winter on each sheet

Can't you feel it?
The warmth filling you up, projecting it's tingles thru your body?
The snowflakes melting on your cold fingers tips,
And the icy winds, brushing the edge of your lips?

Really, can't you see it?
The earth is finally sleeping right in front of your eyes
Stars can't shine without darkness you know
And all I hear about are the grey, dark skies

Can't you even hear it?
They speak about a phase so true 
They say "from now on my troubles will be miles away"
Oh how I wish the world could feel that too

Am I lonely or lucky?
For I seem to be misunderstood, but so are you
I would do anything for you, my beloved winter
Out the silvery nights, I will whisper 
And I swear it's true
How uniquely lucky I am, to have you