Oh take me back
Back in time, not so long ago
where in the deep snow I sat 
as tingling rushes ran thru my veins in the back 

I still remember the sensation in the morning 
it was almost hard to see because of the sun
shinning so brightly on the white field 
Finally I felt - now it has begun 

The air was crystal crisp
and I taught, as I like usual, in winter missed
how something so breathtaking 
could have been created in world so dark like this

Swirling gracefully among the stars
the cold wind danced
decorating the world with silvery ice
and leaving the earth enchanted  in the silent night 

"Sweet dreams" winter whispered as the first snow flake fell
lightly setting in under a blanket of snow
warmly, I could tell
while still dropping the heat so low

Suddenly, I was woken up from my daydream 
"hey can I call you Kori? That means snow 
in Japanese, and well... that's the most beautiful thing I know"
she asked while pointing a finger on a star in the sky so high
as if it was a lost snow flake in the middle of July