Hi! I'm Marissa :) I really love fairies and imagining fairy characters and places. Here are a couple of places I've created! They all exist in the fairy kingdom I've made, ruled by Queen Amber (I'll talk about her in another post)

The Schoolhouse

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In the Fairy kingdom there is a schoolhouse for fairies to learn all about the plants and flowers of the forest, about fairy history, and how to develop their gifts and talents.

I really loved creating this place in my mind. I didn't know if I wanted the fairies to have a school, but then I imagined tiny children fairies learning how to identify different flowers and animals and eating lunch on little toad stool tables and I just had to create it! The younger children learn about flowers, plants, and animals, and how to take care of them. They have time at school to just be creative and make things, and explore the different things they like. The older students learn about those things too, along with fairy history, where they came from, and about their ancestors. They explore their passions more in depth, and are trained in the field of work they want to do.

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The Flower Pot - Fairy Cafeteria

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The Flower Pot is the fairy cafeteria. It's a giant hallow tree stump with flowers and vines growing out of the top, which makes it look like a flower pot!

The fairies who live in the kingdom love to come to The Flower Pot for breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea, and for snacks in between all of that! It's a warm, friendly environment where the fairies can see their friends, hang out, laugh, and eat delicious food. There are two smaller tree stumps on either side of the main one, which are the kitchens. The fairy bakers and cooks are bustling around all day, whipping up blueberry muffins, acorn soup, lemon cookies, and fairy toast (regular toast with rainbow sprinkles on it). There is seating on top of the Flower Pot which is concealed by the flowers and vines so fairy couples can have cute romantic dates while fireflies glow in the flowers!!

I just love food, and I love thinking about all the different fairy foods and meals they would eat. IT'S FUN.

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These are just two places that I've created in my fairy world, but I have many more, and will make more posts about those ;) I have tons of character inspiration collections on my page too that you should check out, and also collections for the two places I talked about above! I really hope you enjoyed!! See ya in my next post.