So I thought I would write some facts about me since we have this article feature on WHI.

I'm 16 years old and I am currently studying computer engineering at a small school with 400 students and 50 teachers. I'm Swedish and currently live here too, but I plan to move to either England or America to find a job later in life.

I am diagnosed with ADHD so school is not easy at all, but I love math and creative stuff. I am also getting diagnosed whether or not I have Asperger.

I'm pretty asocial, very shy and am kind of mean sometimes (I don't intend to). When things aren't the way I want to I get nervous. Everything has to be perfect and in order.

I enjoy reading, writing, gaming and drawing, Criminology, and also creating collections for my stories and other things here on WHI and on Pinterest.

I enjoy talking to people whom I find interesting but I am very shy (as I said) so I don't talk very often.

That's about it. I am very boring I suppose.