*bold*Here are eight things to do, when you're bored

*1. Go for a long walk in nature or just in your city. (It's super good for you to be in nature, it relaxes you and frees your mind from stress. Plus it's also a good way to exercise a little).

*2. Make a hot drink like tea, hot cocao, apple cider or something like that. Enjoy your drink, maybe you could sit under a blanket and read a good book, while your enjoy it.

*3. Read a good book. I know i mentioned it in the idea above, but you could never go wrong with a interesting book. You can use hours in a good fictional book, and if you are more into non-fiction books you could go for these.

*4. Call a friend to talk or invite a friend over. It could also be to friends, or three. You decide. It's always nice to talk to a good friend of yours. You could do something nice together like play a game or have a photoshoot.

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5* Buy a coloring book. (No it's not just for kids). Also get some good crayons. It's super cozy to get the colors out and get a little bit creative.

6* Get some akvarel painting and make your own akvarel paintings. You could watch youtube videoes about how you should do, or you could just give it a try.

7* Now that the autumn is on it's way you could get out and try to find some leaves, chestnuts and so on. You could paint the leaves gold and use them as decoration, for example hang them on your walls. You could use the chestnuts to make cute animals.

8* Bake something. Bread, cake, it doesn't matter, just make something nice and tasty. If you share with your family or friends, I'm sure they will appreciate it very much.

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Bold Thank you for reading this little article. I will soon post some more.