She gasped, and jerked upright. Her long black hair covered her face and she quickly sweeped them off.

Clearing her vision, she could see that she was lying in a soft, white bed. Above her was a simpler version of a chandelier hanging from a bare ceiling: it looked exactly like her old one. Wanting to sink back down, she suddenly saw an old picture of her recently passed parents and her at a beach many years ago.

"No," she muttered under her breath, "it can't be was burnt."

Pulling the warm covers off her, she stepped down from her bed, to see herself in her old white tiger onesie in her full length mirror, supposed to be destroyed in the fire that killed her parents. In fact, she thought to herself, nothing here is supposed to be here. But everything was there, in front of her, as clear as day.

She turned around and approached the big window to be greeted by the noisy streets and packed pavements of her old city. Her dark brown eyes started to tear up as she heard the door open.

Startled, she turned around and tried to wipe her eyes hastily. Scared, she lifted her head so that she could see who had just come in. Her hand went to her mouth as she saw her parents standing in front of her, both clad in white attire.

"No," she mumbled, "no. No. No. No!"

She shouted the last "no" like a loud roar.

"Stop this. Stop playing with my mind," she spoke to her parents, but it was directed to someon else, someone she couldn't see, maybe even didn't know, "my parents are dead, all my things were destroyed. Leave me alone!"

She clasped her trembling hands on either side of her head and just let the tears fall. Unsure, her parents moved slowly towards her. Tired, she slumped onto her knees as her mother caught her in her arms.

"Darling, no one is playing tricks on you," her mother whispered, "we really are here. We're altogether now."

The girl looked up cautiously and whispered, "Really?"

"Of course," her mother replied, "you're home."