these are tips for academic success in the new school year but don't forget to always put your mental health above your school work because it is so much more important.

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my tips:

  • if you revise your notes on the same day you take them there is a 60% better chance of remembering them.
  • if you close your work on microsoft without saving it first you can find it by typing ".asd" into file explorer.
  • if you can describe a word but can't think of it use
  • writing something out or saying it out loud is the same as reading something over and over 7 times.
  • if you accidentally type something in all caps just highlight is and press shift and then F3.
  • PDF files ending in ".exe" are viruses and you shouldn't download them.
  • you can find practice exam papers by googling "site:edu (subject) exam".
  • use to find more reliable information for essays or projects.
  • it's easier to remember stuff written in blue than any other colour.
  • desmos will accurately graph any function for you.
  • drawing small simple pictures the go with key facts will help you remember them in the exam.
  • has textbook answers.
  • the app MathPapa is free and shows you everything Mathway will show you for $99.
  • for homework help: and the pixl math app.
  • summarize your notes with as few words as possible before exams as it will give you less to remember.
  • listen to classical music while studying because its easier to concentrate when the songs have no words.
  • make sure you get enough sleep and eat healthy meals.

I hope this helps and good luck at school this year! - remember grades don't define you :)