So here we go. In the middle of Copenhagen, next to many experienced models who had tried this many times before. Nervous? Couldn't really discribe it. The hairdresser dyed my hair with a color glossing, means the color will leave the hair after 10 hair wash. It has a more natural look. She also cut my broken tips, how nice of her. All of us models were treated so well, we got drinks and pillows, while the hairdressers and hairstylists spoiled us with new hairstyles. Of course we got a free meal infront of the mirror, while the makeup artist massaged our legs with body oil. She also did a nice job with our makeup. We got to wear this high branded collect, by Wella designers, all pastel colors which i love.
The catwalk went fine, even though it was my first time having a catwalk for hundreds of people. I enjoyed it very much and had a wonderful day with some professional artists. Of course we got a goodie bag in the end of the day, including a lot of Wella products, who doesn't love a goodie bag anyway :)
It was an incredible experience to be a part of this show. I am super happy for my new hairstyle, just look at me. I really look like a model now, haha <3