People always seem to wonder why teenagers are so angry, and honestly, I used to think they weren’t like it was just some stereotype or something. But now, as a 16-year-old, vegan who cares a hell of a lot about people and the planet, I’ve realised that actually, teenagers are angry, and for good reason.
Teenagers are angry because they are new to this world and anyone new to a world like ours would and should be angry. They should be angry because the idea that money is more important than the planet is barbaric because money is worthless with nowhere to spend it. Tthe idea that profit is more important than someone’s life is unthinkable.

Adults are not angry because they’re used to it. They’re used to the flaws in society and start saying “that’s the way it is” which I think is the most ridiculous phrase known to man and I hope I never turn into that person.

I wrote a list of things that make me angry in my notepad and I felt they were quite relevant to this blog post so I thought I’d show it to you.
Things that Make Me Angry:
• People prioritise profit over the planet
• Doctors Know about medicine and not nutrition
• The most ethical thing is often not the cheapest
• People think it’s okay to treat others like shit because of race, gender, sexuality etc
• You have to pick a gender
• It’s 2017 and women are still paid less on average
• People see animals as objects
• People think they love animals when they love pets
• People are aware the planet is dying but still do nothing
• The whole “I can’t do everything so I shouldn’t do anything” Bullshit
• Health care isn’t free worldwide
• People think eating animals is normal
• People are taught that eating animals is normal
• Protesting is seen as a bad thing
• Everything comes plastic wrapped, even bananas
• People who flee their countries because they can’t live there anymore are seen as a burden and are not welcomed
• Idiots are given power
• Idiots aren’t educated
• People kill each other

Okay, I’m not going to lie that was longer than I expected but honestly there are so much more.

Love, Katelyn