Hello beautiful people,
I woke up this morning and I checked my WE♥it profile cause I was curious about my yesterday article's progress. I was sure that nobody watched it so my surprise was big enough when I saw the notification bell, which informed me that 20 people hearted my article. My surprise was getting bigger during the day, cause this number was increasing every time I was checking...and every time, a bigger smile was forming in my face! I really wanna thank you all for the bottom of my heart, cause that feeling is one of a kind! Each and everyone of you made my day better!!♥
I was looking forward all day to writing something new. I spend some time on WE♥it today, cause I felt inspired from your hearts and I wanted to see if anyone else felt that way out there and what I saw was unbelievable! Many people at the same age as me, expressed their feelings and talked about things that drown them inside. That was the moment that I felt a connection between all of us. Wherever you live, whatever you feel or front, you have to know that you are not alone! Everyone has problems. Some of them are bigger than others but you dont have to face them alone. There are many people out there, who care about you and they want to help you! Take a chance and speak to them, open up and who knows, maybe they are the solution to your problem!
I decided to write as much as I can. I love talking (as you already noticed;p) and I think that I have something to say, at least that's the way I feel. I will write about everything that comes in my mind, my everyday life, my past, my thought, my dreams, even for the things I like (like Game of Thrones for example, or make up..).
Thank you for your hearts and time, they are really important to me.
And don't forget to smile and have faith, cause better things are gonna come♥
With Love,