For starters, we have come to the end of teen wolf, the last 10 episodes and of course there's so much going on. This first episode of 6B was pretty calm, no rush yet a lot of significant things that are happening.

Scott is back on the field as the assistant coach while trying to get Liam as the captain of the lacrosse team. As Liam struggles with school without Hayden by his side (my poor baby wolf :( )

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As they struggle in school there's a new guidance counselor who seems really suspicious about the things that are going on in the supernatural world, she's being a bit pushy with the information especially with the kid Nolan who's probably sick in the head ( probably belongs to Eichen house too)

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Back to the crazy Eichen House, another Hellhound has escaped (yes, Parrish is not the only one ). With him escaping, it has caused a rat problem at Beacon Hills High School ( they're probably scared as they kill each other in the process ). Parrish went to check it out (without Lydia ) and got himself into trouble by getting caught in the cage but of course, Lydia came through ( My saviour )
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Parrish of course escaped and went back to the school when the other hellhound was there for a fight. That got a hold of Liam thinking that he's the True Alpha but instead he gave him a warning about what's coming .

Well at the same moment , the guidance counseller was in school and heard the fight , and this when it gets really suspicious when she got out a gun and went to hunt for the hellhound. ( WHY DOES A GUIDANCE COUNSELLER HAVE A GUN . I have trust issues now .)

The squad went out to find for the lose hellhound in the woods . But guess what ?! He's dead because he was shot by the counseller .

Q1: Can a hellhound really die from a bullet ?
Q2: I do really have issues now with guidance counsellor ,so much for guiding students.

At the end of the day, the trio got a voice message from beloved stiles . I believe that the fandom are so proud of him now because now he's in the FBI!!.

Even though he's not going to be a part of the *inner circle * , he;'s still going to be there especially in Lydia's heart ( *my ship still stydia *)
I'm sure they will need some stiles IQ here and there but they'll figure it out . But on his first day ,he came across Derek for a case of serial killer and that left us shook .....

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