She was sitting in a small, but elegant cafe near the coast, sipping from her hot coffee. Her enormous hat was protecting her healthy face from getting burned. From time to time she looked at the beautiful river passing by her. There weren't many people in the cafe at 6 am so she brought her book with her. When she decided to open it and start reading, she noticed a handsome young man with a dark blue hat and a white blouse standing on a small ship close to the coast. He was tying his ropes and checking some things that were needed for the ship to sail. She didn't understand any of it, but she was so interested that she even left the book. Couple of moments later, the man noticed that an unknown woman was staring at his boat. He would usually yell and start arguing, but he was so captivated by her beauty he couldn't say a word. When they both caught each other in this awkward situation, the woman took all her things and left the cafe. The boatman felt dissapointed that he couldn't meet her. "I suppose we weren't meant to be", he thought. He left the coast and the entire area was empty except the waiter from the cafe.

P.S. This is just the beginning. Hope you like it :)