Hi guys,

since it's almost September I thought about writing this article. I love autumn, I love all four seasons to be honest. So here are my reasons why I love this season so much.

1. The leaves are so colorful. I love when the trees are red, brown and yellow. It's a beautiful view.
2. I can wear long jeans. In the summer it's too hot to wear anything but shorts so it feel nice to finally be able to put on my favourite gray jeans.
3. Rainy days. While I hate rain when I have to go somewhere and have to struggle with my umbrella, I love rainy days when I'm at home or in a coffee shop. I love staring out the window and just people-watching or daydreaming with a steaming mug of coffee in hand.
4. Autumn break. We have a week of relaxing (or studying at home), but it's good to have some morning when we can sleep in.
5. It's my birthday. Okay, it's not a huge reason, but I love my birthday because that day is all about me (and my brother since he was born on the same day as I was). My family would celebrate together and have a nice day.
6. This is the time of the year when the new season of our beloved series premiers.
7. And last but not least I love it because after autumn comes my favourite month of the year...december.

I can't wait those rainy days when I can grab a coffee and read in my favourite cozy coffee shop.

I wish you all a nice day.