It wasn't the thought of waking up to start another day, that I was afraid of
It wasn't the need to put on a smile even when I did not mean it, that I was afraid of
It wasn't the change that I was afraid of.

It was nights that kept me up thinking about you
It was the repeating moments that replayed in my head
It was the empty replies that I'm getting from you
It was the silence which made me felt helpless

Don't you see?
How much I have hurt for you to only be left with a goodbye?

I was just there
Like a cigarette for you to light up whenever you needed it
As you inhaled, parts of me burned along the way..

You came back when I learned to love again
It was too late..
You have finished your last pack,not knowing when to quit

I have loved you with all my heart
It wasn't enough however, to love me back

So why choose to love me now?
When you have never saw me for me?

It is too late my dear
I have learned to love again.