Hello to all of the three people reading this!
As I enjoy reading so much I thought I would write this just to share a small list of what, I think, were the best books I read this summer:

• My Sister Lives On The Mantelpiece - Annabelle Pitcher

This book follows the life of ten-year-old Jamie, five years after his sister died. Since then his Mum's gone and Dad drinks, leaving him to try to live his life, while his family continues to struggle, and mourn the death of someone he barely remembers.

I loved this book because it was so meaningful and I strongly recommend to anyone who doesn't mind a sad book. I found reading from a ten-year-old's perspective refreshing as Jamie had a very hopeful outlook on things. It also reminded me how impressionable people that young are.

• The 'Chaos Walking' trilogy - Patrick Ness

Todd is the last 'boy' in Prentisstown, a town full alone, of males. However, with the birthday that will finally make him a 'man' approaching, Todd is forced to give up everything he knows and go on the run in order to protect himself. Now he will learn the true history of Prentisstown and the secrets that have been kept from him his whole life.

These books are set in the future, when humans have inhabited a new planet and are met with a virus which affects all males, stripping them of all privacy and exposing their every thought to those around them.

Usually I'm not that bothered about sci-fi books, however this series is now probably one of favourites! Each book just gets better and better, and they are full of action. I highly recommend this as you will end up getting attached to every character.

• And Then There Were None - Agatha Christie

In 'And Then there Were None' ten strangers are lured to an isolated island, into the home of 'Mr Owen'. However, upon arrival their host is nowhere to be seen. Later, at dinner a recorded message accuses them each of murder and before the end of the night one of them is dead. Stranded on the island by a vigorous storm, as paranoia takes over, one by one they continue to fall.

Having never read an Agatha Christie book before I thought it was about time. This book was so gripping, and constantly had me trying to work out who 'Mr Owen's' true identity was. As I enjoyed this book so much, I have already ordered three more books by Agatha Christie!

• Finding Violet Park - Jenny Valentine

When sixteen-year-old Lucas Swain, rescues the ashes of Violet Park from a mini-cab office, he is lead to discover her true identity and what lead her to end up on that shelf in the mini-cab office. While doing so, also facing up to the question of his missing father.

This short book is a quick and easy read, and has a clever ending. Despite not going on an adventure physically, Lucas does go on one mentally, coming to realisations about his missing father and other factors of his life.

• Simon Vs The Homosapien Agenda - Becky Albertalli

Simon, is just coming to terms with his sexuality. However, when an email to anonymous pen pal 'Blue' falls into the wrong hands, Simon's secret is threatened.

I loved this book as it asks important questions about sexuality and why we as humans, still assume straight is the default. It is also very enjoyable to read as Simon's relationship with Blue is so cute, and I was constantly trying to guess Blue's identity.

Sorry for the length of this, but congrats on getting to the bottom! Please don't let my crappy reviews and summaries put you off, and if you also have any books you could recommend to me I would be grateful - just message me! :) xx
- I would also just like to apologise for any grammar mistakes I probably made!