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Left: King Ferdinand and Kind Michael. Right: Queen Marie of Romania and King Michael

The story begins on October 25, 1921, at Foişor, in Sinaia, when the youngest member of the Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen Dynasty: Michael I of Romania comes to the world. Descendant direct from three great emperors - Queen Victoria, Tsar Alexander II of Russia and Emperor Wilhelm I of Germany - King Michael is born at the confluence of a family-born tree of historical weight. He is a primary cousin to the Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain and is related to the most important royal houses in Europe.

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Childhood is governed by mother's affection, Princess Elena of Greece and Denmark, but also by the cold and disinterest of the father, Crownprince Carol. The future King Carol II of Romania didn't seem too keen to carry on the royal duties, which is why he renounces all his rights and installs himself in France.

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The first difficult of the king's life comes very early, when his grandfather, King Ferdinand, dies, and Michael I ascends to Romania's throne at 6 years of age. In 1927, the sovereign-child is at the head of the country, being represented in the government by a regency. The King has few memories of those years, culminating in the return of his father, Carol II.

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In 1930, the second difficulty appeared: Carol II, freshly returned to the country, dethroned King Michael and awarded him the title of "Great Voivode of Alba-Iulia" without ceremony. Forced by circumstances, his mother, Queen Elena, who had divorced Carol, went to exile in Florence.
Suddenly, voivode Mihai remains without the support of the most important person in his life and becomes increasingly withdrawn and introverted.

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In 1933, Carol II organized for his son the Palatine School, a program involving young people from all over the country and social categories, in order to give King Michael a faithful view of lifestyle and personality Romanians.

A very good experience for the king, who had the opportunity to meet sons of industrialists, mechanics or peasants, and to take the pulse of different parts of the country through the stories and lifestyle of his classmates, but also through the trips organized by to his geography teacher, Ion Conea.

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