I don't undertand why people think "Atheist people are bad".We are not bad!.I am a girl,with a lot of emotions.I am a human,you are a human.That's all we need.I have friends from all religions.Some of them accept me because i have respect for their religion.But some of them are angry with me and they reject me.I don't understand why.She was my friend for years and now,just because i change my mind about religion,she hates me?!.I don't understand why.

In my country,most of people think like this too.They think"Atheist people are bad".I was read some article in news years before today.It says" young man killed from his own family just because he is an Atheist".You can't do that.He is your son.I am your daughter..you should support me.

And last thing i am going to say is,we dont worship satan.We don't even belive satan is real.All i belive is power of love and hope.thats all.