"What is happiness?" was a question a class mate of mine was asked when she stated she wanted to have a job where she made people happy? From time to time, this question pops up into my head and makes me question whether I truly am happy. I still don't know if I am fully happy, but I know there are definitely moments where I am happy. An example of this is my cover picture. I took this picture by accident when I was messing about with my sister. I wanted to take her picture, but her being her refused, and so my phone swung and I clicked the capture button. I don't know what it is about this picture, but it makes me feel happy. Maybe it was the process as to which it came about, or maybe it's the colours and the way the picture came about, but either way, it makes me happy. I want more pictures and moments like these to come about in my life so I can think of them and be happy. I still don't know what happiness is as a whole, but I do know that there are a lot of small things in my life that can bring happiness into my life.

Feeling Happy Playlist:

1. D (half moon) - DEAN
2. Some Girl - Goldlink
3. Holy - Jamila Woods
4. Love, Love - Big Brain
5. Rain - Giorgio Oehlers