When you don't know what to say to them and never know what to do, it is hard to think of what to about when the air is feeling thin.
When someone gives you butterflies, and makes the blood rush to your head, they are not the one I tell you. Please believe me when I say that the one who makes you giddy they will never stay, but trust me my dear friend I may not know you but still i must say; they should make you wonder if you are who you are because you want to be for you or you want to be for you. Don't settle for what you think the world wants and take what it is that you want but still never force someone to stay if they don't want to, they do not belong to you and you don't belong to them so if you don't want to be with someone leave just get up and leave.

These might seem like the mad ramblings of a deluded crazy but trust me, i am quite often right.