10 facts about my number one favorite tv show!♥

Phoebe and Chandler were originally supposed to be supporting characters.
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Producers originally wanted Courteney Cox to play Rachel, but she asked to play Monica because the character was so strong.
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Ross is 29 years old for three years.
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All of the six main characters have kissed each other at one point (if you include alternative "what if?" episodes), except Monica and Phoebe.
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When Lisa Kudrow first read the script, she thought Chandler's character was gay.
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Giovanni Ribisi plays Phoebe's brother Frank Jr. in later episodes, but he also has a small cameo in the earlier seasons. He plays a boy who accidentally throws a condom into Phoebe's guitar case instead of a coin.
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Gunther didn't have a line until the show's 33rd episode. He said "yeah".
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The actor who plays Joshua's father is actually Matthew Perry's real-life father.
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In the last episode, it is mentioned that all six characters have lived in Monica's apartment. They have all also lived in Joey's apartment.
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June Gable, who played Joey's agent Estelle Leonard, also played a nurse in the episode where Carol gives birth to Ben.

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