Sleep early. The day begins from the night. Before going to bed organize the next day. With paper and pen. Don’t just leave it like that. Days become months and months become years. You only live once. Honor it. Have a notebook filled with goals. Write them down and read them over and over again. They save you from your life. Writing is good. It reliefs your soul. Wake up early. Really early. If your mind wants to be lazy don’t listen to it. Learn not to negotiate with your mind. Be the boss. Look yourself in the mirror and smile at her/him. And talk to her/him nice. She’s your friend. The best you have. Go for a walk or a run wherever you live. For at least 20 minutes. It warms your ‘machines’. Listen something while walking. Inspirational speeches. Inspirational people. Smile to everyone you meet. Tell them Good morning even if they won’t. They must have a reason. Look the beauty around you. There is everywhere. Make a beautiful breakfast. Not only for you. Get in the shower and enjoy it. Leave your thoughts outside. Dress well. Take care of yourself like it’s the most important person in the world. You are. They just haven’t told you. Find 15 minutes to read. Every day. Reduce social media. Don’t switch on the TV. It’s a lie that there is no time. You will find it. Nobody gives it to you. Just like life. -Stephanos Xenakis-

Goodmorning, goodnight everybody around the world
katerina xxx