I feel like all this time i've been abandoned by my family ,friends and YOU. i've always felt left out , and alone. i'ts so sad because the only one who stayed in my life never gave me a real answer, and every day , every night.. i was wondering if you really care about me , about us. I know that somehow you're in me, here and everywhere , but i can't feel you , guess you're so far away.

And just hoping .. the day we'll meet i hope you'll remmember that you mean a lot to me, you have always inspired me, even though i'm doubting you.. all the time

Sorry, i couldn't live without thinking nor asking myself about you.

I know you have a lot to deal with.. but with all this evil things happening i think you deserve love.

I wish i could dream of you, seems too impossible, so unreachable. so i'll just content myself with thinking of you in the best way.