when i'm at school or dance or out shopping i always get complements on my nails, or asked where i got them done, and when i say i did them myself people always seem surprised. i don't do very fancy or intricate designs, and i learned almost everything about nails from youtube, but here are some simple and easy nail art tips.

Image by Marialuisa Chavarin nails, glitter, and pink image
1) use a makeup sponge to apply glitter. instead of layering on way too many coats of glitter polish, apply one coat of polish on your nails and brush the glitter polish to the make up sponge and apply it to the nail with that to achieve a look like this. don't forget to apply a top coat.
blue, nails, and pink image girl and style image
2) use a makeup sponge to create a gradient. to achieve an obre/gradient look, apply two colors of polish onto a sponge, one on top of the other. press it onto the nail to get a look like this. don't forget to apply a top coat.
art, colourful, and design image nails, colors, and dots image
3) use a small brush. it sounds really simple, but using a small brush can make it a lot easier to do things like stripes and polka dots, and you can basically buy them anywhere. however when doing small designs like these it's easy to get frustrated if you mess up, so be careful and calm.

that's all i can think of right now, i know these are pretty well known but i just thought i'd share. i might make a part two in the future. thanks for reading!