Hi guys!This day subject will be about make-up.For start i personally don't like today's makeup trends,not all of them.I feel like everybody is looking for that ''perfect Barbie doll" and forget that is not about hiding your features and building another face is about enhancing them and having fun.

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1.Nude eyes and bold lipstick. This is my ultimately everyday look.I'm a lazy person and i don't have time so what i normally do: some concealer,a little bit o highlighter,a subtile shadow in the crease,mascara and my go to lipstick colours are burgundy,brown or red. TIP:Try to line your whole lips before applying lipstick,trust me it will last longer.
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2.Natural look. Less is more.Everybody can rock it and is perfect for every ocasion.
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3.Defined eyes and nude lips.This for me is the absolute sexy make-up.Subtle contour and highlight,nude lips and cat eyes or a subtle smokey eyes .My go to colours for the eyes are brown and grey. TIP:Try not to exaggerate with the eyes especially with the eyeliner,they're supposed to be defined not like a panda's.
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3.Vampy make-up.This is perfect for the night-time.I think it goes perfect with any black outfit or a dark shade of red,works good with dusty colours too.Even if it's a bold eyes and lips makeup don't exaggerate with the eyes,instead of a black eyeshadow choose a dark grey,or dark burgundy. TIP:Never,ever do a heavy contour or highlight it looks vulgar in my opinion,the center of the makeup should be the eyes and lips.
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4.A pop of colour.Either on the eyes or lips,it's up to you.You can make it bold for autumn season or subtle for spring or summer. Tip:Accentuate only the areas with the color.

Favourtie eyeshadow colours:

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Favourtie lipstick colours:

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So?!What do you guys think?