This is a little list about my favorite animes
I hope that you like it ^^

15.-3-gatsu no Lion

anime, momò, and akari image anime, anime girl, and gif image
This anime is so deep and cutee at the same timee and Shaft's animation is incredible(THE CATS ARE FANTASSTICS)

14.-Ouran Highschool Host Club

anime, ouran host club, and hikaru image anime, gif, and tamaki image
So funny!!!! The best romantic comedy I've seen(All the characters are amazing)

13.-Nanatsu no Taizai

anime and nanatsu no taizai image king, kiss, and diane image
A good story with great characters, incredible fights and fantastic couples(I LOVE KINGXDIANE but BanxElaine and MeliodasxElizabeth are cute too ^^)

12.-Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

anime, your lie in april, and shigatsu wa kimi no uso image your lie in april, gif, and shigatsu wa kimi no uso image
(Lies on the floor because of the sorrow and beauty of this anime)

11.-Psycho Pass

anime image Abusive image
I loved the world so futuristic and cruel of this anime in addition of all the mystery and police cases


noragami, yukine, and yato image anime, gif, and noragami image
The 3 protagonist are amazing(Yato's eyes, Yukine is adorable and Hiyori is so cutee)


scene, train, and gosick image gosick image
A great mystery anime with a cute protagonist and touches of fantasy literature

8.-Monogatari Series

monogatari series image anime, fire, and gif image
Eccentric people, incredible conversations, a fantastic main character, great mystery and Shaft gorgeaus animation

7.-Bungo Stray Dogs

Image removed gif, bungo stray dogs, and dazai osamu image
Incredible characters with amazing powers combined with a good story

6.-Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Temporarily removed anime, fullmetal alchemist, and edward elric image
A very very very very good story

5.-Hunter x hunter

Temporarily removed manga, gon, and killua zoldyck image
Fantastic story and good characters(the main reason that I've seen this anime was KILLUA)


durarara, anime, and manga image gif, durarara, and drrr image
This anime story hooks A LOT Seriuosly I saw the chapters in a row


magi, morgiana, and aladdin image Mature image
I really like the world of Magi, their characters and the theme of the destiny ^^(Alibaba my prince)

2.-Boku no Hero Academia

manga, anime boy, and deku image gif, boku no hero academia, and my hero academia image
Heroes are incredible, strong and cool This anime is fantastic, their characters are so good AAAHHH I LOVE IT SO MUCH

1.-Fairy Tail

fairy tail image fairy tail, natsu dragneel, and gif image

That's all ^^
This is all my opinion and you don't have to agree with everything