a plain blanket, an unremarkable painting in the corner. it is how it is. the more items a room gets, the more personal it becomes. even the tiniest object can make a huge difference.
it can change the whole atmosphere of a room.

that is why we have to choose very cautiously. because if we choose right, we will feel home.

carts are good for anything. individualize it. beside your wine glasses, mugs and coffee machines you can add some books and magazines on it, some flowers maybe? Or some fruits and sweets? be creative.

bar cart

bar, cart, and decor image
bar and gold image
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Cocktails image

this is a bar cart. what will it change? easy: it will give your room a classy, valuable glance. choose some fancy looking glasses and your good to go.
another idea: make a cocktail bar out of it! get some nice juices and some fruits and voilà!

coffee cart

colour and flowers image
cart, photos, and wallpaper image
kitchen image

surely it can also be a tea, coffee and hot chocolate cart. place some cookies or bake a cake and place it on it. add some coziness to your room!

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