hi! My name's Linda, I don't really know what to write here, but I'll do my best.
I think that, if you want to know someone, you have to know what she/he really likes, so here's some of the things I really love, maybe you can relate on something, enjoy!

-Vinyl, I love them, my bestfriends gave me a Ed Sheeran vinyl for my birthday, unfortunately, I don't have a record player for now.

-Polaroids, I love how I can easly have a photo I took three seconds before.

-Music, I don't have to explain, I love Ed Sheeran as you can tell, One Direction (I love all of them, no one excluded) and Troye Sivan.

-Autumn, best season ever.

-Sheels and sunglasses (some summer vibes)


- Pistachio Ice Cream

-Pizza (for sure, I'm Italian!)



-Twitter and We Heart It

SOOO I hope you relate to something Iike, feel free to send me a postcard if you want to know me, have a good day!