You caught me in your net of sweet tones and flattering captivity,
promising a better future, a wilder adventure ...

Spring came and everyday bustle was carried through fire
when you were sitting next to my trembling hands.
Everything is different with you;
Though it doesn't feel final for either you or me.

But I now know that your beautiful songs just blinded me.
Your pretty smile was just a facade.
Your eyes, oh your pretty brown eyes!
I fell in love with you, but you left me with all my scars.
I now know that your touches were never real...

The winter has now come, the spring's beautiful flowers are faded away.
The adventure has been replaced
by the despair of the cold nights, alone and starving at the thought of you.

And the sky dazzles me, removing the tones with rolling and windy winds.

Now nothing is left, but only my memories of your sweet tones and your flattering impression, promising a better future, a wilder adventure ...