It took me a while to set my ideal morning routine. Even though i have always been an early riser, for the longest time i did not have any routine and my mornings (like most people) used to be quite rushed and let’s just say without any beneficial agenda.

Since i have started to deepen my interest in meditation, yoga and other spiritual practice, my morning routine shifted and changed so many times. It is still changing and i believe will always be, but for now i am so pleased with how i am starting each of my days. I could not stress enough how great it is for my overall being to take time to do all these things and really allow that space for myself whilst most of the world is still sleeping.

I hope that by sharing my own routine, i will inspire you to re-think your own one, maybe some things are missing and need to be added, or maybe you are in the look for some extra inspiration and motivation. If you have any beautiful morning rituals of your own, i would love to hear them.

So let’s start.

Alarm- well my one goes off at 5:30 five times per week. For some it is very early, for some it is completely fine. I actually rarely struggle to wake up at this time, especially if i give myself around 6-7 hours night sleep. I feel energised and ready to start my day. Before i roll out of bed i like to take three deep breaths into my belly, (I learned this from one of the yogis), it is a great way to wake up sleepy organs with beautiful oxygen flow.

Glass of water with lemon & tablespoon or so of apple cider vinegar. This simple mix provides me with that little energy boost, helps detox my body and strengthens my immune system.

Meditation- around 5:40 is the time where i usually sit down for my morning meditation. I have been practising meditation for more than 2 years now and it has improved my life in so many ways. In the morning i allow myself around 15 minutes to sit in stillness. I do not focus on any mantras and i do not do any guided meditations in the morning. I cherish these minutes and really allow myself just to be. I also place the crystals that i feel drawn to on that day close to me whilst i am meditating as this brings me that higher energy and beautiful vibrations for an even deeper meditation session.

Affirmations- after my meditation i tend to focus on my affirmations. In simple words these are words/sayings/quotes which have power to inspire you. It can be anything, for example: ‘I am healthy and strong’, ‘I have the right to live the life of my dreams’ and so on. I have a list of affirmations i read every morning. My affirmations vary from time to time, depending on which area in my life i want to focus more.

Visualisation- together with affirmation i tend to give a couple of minutes for my visualisation practice. I will not go deeper into this as i will be making a separate post on visualisation. In very short words, i visualise the things/experiences/goals that i want as if they already exist in my life.

Gratitude- I write down 3 things I’m grateful for. It can be anything that comes to my mind. I take this time to really appreciate how lucky i am to wake up to another day.

Now it is around 6:15…

Yoga- or any kind of stretches. I usually have my yoga practice in the second part of the day, however, in the mornings i tend to stretch my body and awaken my muscles with gentle movements. I also practice Pranayama – in sanskrit it simply means ‘breathing’. This is something i also learned once i started my yoga journey. It is a way to breathe, sounds a bit strange right? You take deep breaths into the belly to awaken your diaphragm which then pours oxygen and prana (vital life force) into the brain. It clears the whole energy around you, allows greater stillness and aura expansion. It’s beautiful.

Breakfast– around 6:30 – i try to take my breakfast quite seriously. After all my spiritual practices i give time to nourish myself with a healthy breakfast. I am not the one who skips breakfast ha. I like to enjoy my cup of decaf coffee or green tea and really start my day on that calm note.

So that is my spiritual morning routine guys. For some it may seem a lot, but to be completely honest it does not take a lot of time to complete all these things. And the feeling and state of mind i get after completing them cannot compare to anything. It is a way i show love for myself and the world around me.

If you have any special morning rituals you love, feel free to comment and share them below or email me, I would be very interested to hear them!

Much love ♡