Hi and thank you to everyone who decided to read this, but before we get to the actual post you should know that-

1. This post was inspired by 'astrawrlogy' on tumblr. This is basically a rewritten and simplified version of that mixed with my original content.
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Now about the actual post.
Each day off the week has its own energy, which shapes a small undertone for the way we are. This is also closely related to the 6th house- the everyday aspect of our lives and how we behave in that area.

africa, magic, and occult image gold, makeup, and freckles image aesthetic, beauty, and fashion image flowers, aesthetic, and yellow image

People born on Sunday often have well-defined identities and they strongly value their individuality. They tend to be creative and well liked for their radiance. Thier belief in themselves is what drives them in their everyday life and their actions revolve around their choices.

witch, wicca, and moon image theme, moon, and aesthetic image fashion image girl, moon, and indie image

People born on Monday tend to be sensitive and emotional. Their feelings influence their actions. Privacy and comfort are especially important in their everyday lives. They may be reserved and compassionate, value their memories and protect their history.

couple, naked, and romantic image sky, ocean, and aesthetic image aesthetic, angel, and black image boy, aesthetic, and model image

People born on Tuesday are often energetic and have a vital intensity that carries them through their everyday lives. Taking action, strength of character, ambition and being decisive are important to them. They feed off adrenaline and can be reckless.

sea, beach, and ocean image shirtless, boy, and photography image hands, aesthetic, and art image boys, hug, and love image

people born on this day are thoughtful and inventive. Their minds are central to their identity and they often revolve their life around communication and manifestation of their ideas. Conversations are their avenue of self-expression and they tend to be busybodies.

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People born on Thursdays tend to have big personalities. they are open, expressive, and engaging. Hobbies and free time activities are their pleasure of life. Often try finding the deeper meaning of things and being part of the world, community around them is what they live for.

dress, fashion, and flowers image hair, braid, and hairstyle image hair, model, and pretty image fashion, dress, and Couture image

People born on Friday are generally charming and likable. They are polite, graceful and easygoing with breezy and warm personalities. They have good sense of style and know how to present themselves to the public. Their everyday lives can revolve around pleasure, beauty, and self-esteem.

aesthetic, peach, and instagram image bambi, indie, and neat image dress, ballet, and aesthetic image Image by Shan ♡

People born on this day are often solid and responsible. They are focused, determined and disciplined. They tend to have cool personalities that are often mistaken for 'cold'. Their strong, definite ambitions are what their life revolves around.

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